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Nancy Chin

Once a competitive tennis player and marathon runner, Nancy Chin sought out Pilates as a reprieve from high-impact exercise. She was pleased to also find that it helped her rebuild core strength after childbirth. She continued her practice through a subsequent pregnancy and during rehab after hip surgery. She saw firsthand how Pilates can be adapted to bodies of all shapes and fitness levels. Seeing the functional benefits in everyday life, she now considers it as a way of life.

Nancy now teaches Pilates after spending 12 years as a journalist. She takes the time to strike a partnership with each client, working closely together with them to achieve their individual goals. Nancy is secretly amused when asked if she comes from a dance background - as she herself says she has little grace and virtuallly no rhythm. Nancy has a degree in kinesiology and psychology from UCLA. She is certified by Polestar Education for Pilates matwork, and by Elizabeth Larkam for studio apparati. She is also certified by the Pilates Method Alliance, American College of Sports Medicine, American Council on Exercise; and by the YMCA of the USA in prenatal exercise.

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